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If you choose to burn wood chips purchased from the trade in your new heating systems, you must be careful to select a supplier that can provide you with quality assurance, according to the requirements of the common assurance system ISO 17225-4.

A good starting point is to view the fuel directly from the manufacturers. Our company offers you the opportunity to choose the suppliers in your area as well as to choose the type of fuel and its granulation.

It is also important to visually inspect any delivery of wood chips. As part of the delivery documents, the moisture content of each load must be indicated on the invoice or can be easily determined using a moisture meter.


Details about biomass heating systems that can burn this type of fuel can be found on our page www.topenergy.ro .

If you have your own wood chipping line, you can make the biggest cost savings of up to 80% compared to fossil fuels. You can also opt to rent a chopper to produce your own fuel for 1 year (the fuel for 1 year can be made in approximately 8 hours of work).

Appropriate humidity

There are a number of considerations in producing high quality wood chips. First, the wood must be dry, with a maximum moisture content of 40% before cutting. To reduce this humidity, the logs are usually stored on a flat surface and left uncovered to dry in the open air. Wood tends not to reabsorb water once it begins to dry, so leaving it exposed enhances this process.

In order to produce wood chips with a suitable grain from dry wood, a quality chipper with an adjustable wood chip size screen must be used. General agricultural waste shredders are actually vegetation shredders. They reduce the volume of plant material produced from agricultural work and do not offer the same control over chip size. These tend to produce long pieces of wood chips that cannot be used as fuel for your heating system. Make sure the wood chipper you plan to use can chop up to P16A or G30 with an average chip size of 3mm.

The storage area must be covered and closed. We recommend that you build a room as large as possible, to increase the autonomy of your heating system. This should have an access door and the floor should be level with the agitator arms. The storage spaces require annual cleaning, during the summer, when the operation of the heating system is not necessary.

For woodland owners, there are a number of grants available from the Forestry Commission to support woodland development and management through the purchase of a wood chipper.

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